Writers’ Bloc: A Vision of Life

Awakening to the sound of voices, I find myself looking down on a great open space. I see a man standing in a circle of light.  

He has no visible features but there are two little men standing on his shoulders, one in a red suit and the other in a white robe. Theirs are the voices I hear.

I see the blank face take on form.

Suddenly I am no longer watching him, I am him. It’s my shoulders the two little men are standing on.

Trying to brush them off, I find they are fastened as actual appendages to my own body and, while they both speak at the same time, I understand perfectly what they each are saying.

The little man in the red suit is saying, “Listen to me and I’ll make you rich. I’ll show you how you can get everything you could ever want out of life, money, respect, friends, beautiful women, you name it. You are a great man.”

“Don’t worry about anybody else. They are all inferior. You only have to keep them in line and take whatever you want. It’s easy. Listen to me and I’ll give you more joy and pleasure than you can ever imagine. You can have it all. You deserve it. It’s your right. Everything else is just lies.”

He is my ego! That’s why he is fastened to me. He’ll be tempting me all the days of my life.

The little man in the white robe is at my other ear. He’s talking in an entirely different way, telling me, “You were put on earth for a reason. You are a part of God’s creation. Your value in it is determined by your contribution to it, or lack thereof. All around you are God’s children. Treat them as such. You live in His world. Treat it with respect and be happy in it. Happiness, or the lack of it, is a personal choice. Your choice will radiate to others and bounce back onto you, so choose carefully.”

“Your ego offers you temporary joy and pleasure, which is fleeting. It’s like alcohol which does the same. But the hangover is all that remains and in the end it will destroy you.”

He is my conscience. He too will be with me all the days of my life, since he too is fastened to me.

I look down at my shoulders, the appendages are gone  . . . but I can still hear their voices from within.

I come to a stark realization: while these two parts of me, both my ego and my conscience are an inseparable part of me. They cannot act! They can only influence what I do, how I behave and what I will eventually become.

In the end I cannot pass the blame, or credit, for the results of my actions onto my ego, my conscience or anyone else.

I and I alone, am responsible for the results of the decisions I make.

I realize now I must choose happiness over pleasure every time and I must always be able to discern the difference between the two.

That’s what life is all about.

Writers’ Bloc appears in the Monroe Courier to present the work of the members of the Writers’ Workshop conducted monthly at the Edith Wheeler Memorial Library and open to all aspiring wordsmiths.


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